Date: 2020/10/12
Upcoming Show YABBA

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Upcoming Show YABBA

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Upcoming Show YABBA


Marcus Yabba Griffiths

Reggae Walk Of Fame Inductee

The Hardest Working Man In Reggae



YABBA is a multi talented Musician, who’s repertoire includes; Bass, Drums, Guitar and Vocals. A consumate performer who always leaves his audience wanting and asking for more. His awareness of the stage is superb and his delivery is dazzling and magnificent. He and his Band TRAXX communicates and delivers their Music with high energy and strong vibrations. YG&T plays with joyfullness. Whether you are dancing, looking or listening the Music is filling.


YABBA, has worked with many of the top Entertainers, Musicians, Singers and Vocalist in the Music business such as; Aston Familyman Barrett. Bobby Colphat, Bunny Wailer, Carlton Barrett, Delroy Wilson, Gregory Issacs, Jackie Mittoo, Ken Bothe,  John Mayer, Michelle Branch, Robbie Shakespeare, Patrice Rushing, Ronnie Davis, Roots Radics, Sly Dunbar, The Mighty Diamonds, The Melodeons, Wall Flower, just to mention a few.


Hit songs include; Baby Sugar, Devil Woman, Dance Little Children, Thank You Jah, Radical,  Back In Love Again, Love Games, Do You Wanna Dance, Bad Days Are Gone, Joy And Love, Reggae Party, Fun Fun Fun, Invitation, Honesty, Right Around Midnight, Freedom Child, Money Money, Washing My Dreadlocks, Country Reggae, Bad Girl, Griffiths Law, And his only NO 1 Hit More Jamaican.


Yabba is getting ready to tour with his Band TRAXX on his new LP CD which will be released in June of 2020. Titled Ancient Alien. This Musical album will be released on his very own lable, “SuCram Music” “SuSram Music” will make This CD availabe on cdbaby, itunes and other leading Musical outpost all over.


Has worked with producers such as; Bruce Igler of Aligator Records, Clancy Eccles, Clement Dodd, Duke Reid, Greg Erico of Sly and the Family Stone, Lee Scrach Perry, Sonya Pottinger. With 3 LP CD and 2 EP to his name he is moving forward with a new CD Ancient Alien which is the title of the CD, with cuts such as, Why, Background Check, Sing About It, And many other new hit songs. With a new CD and his Band TRAXX, YABBA looks to be on the right track and the future is looking bright.


Has won numerous awards at the International Reggae Music Arts Awards, Including. Best Male Vocalist, Most Talented Entertainer, No 1 Band, No 1 Song More Jamaican, Most outstanding Contributions to Reggae Music, Most Outstanding Musician, Best Song,

 Judi Smith:

Writer And Publisher For:

Gone Clear Music.

For Booking and contact

SuCram Music

376 Cedar Tree Court

Hoffman Eststes

IL 60169

PH: 847-293-8632



yabbpipes.com / youtube/yabbagriffiths / reggaewalkoffame/yabba / itunes/yabbagriffiths /cdbaby/yabbagriffiths

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